Business Management + Support

Are you ready to escape overwhelm? Are you ready to step out from behind your business and truly shine? Are you feeling tapped out with not much left to give? Do you dream of handing off tasks to a go-getter so you can free up mental space and your valuable time? Do you let out a huge sigh of relief when something is taken off your to-do list?

Whether you are an executive, a creative or a coach I am here to support the growth of your business, increase your productivity, help you gain more freedom…and much more, because I’m the girl that gets it done!

My passion with AP Virtual Solutions is translating my diverse, business savvy skillset to support and empower CEOs with high-value, white-glove Online Business Management and Support so that their businesses can grow and thrive with ease. I eliminate overwhelm and provide support to you, so you can support your clients and witness their massive transformations. I can assist with co-creating big picture strategy, while also breaking it down into actionable, results-oriented pieces, all while also providing support and/or oversight in all the corners of your business! 

The below list of services is not exhaustive, so if you need help with something and it isn’t listed, just ask!

Quoted individually

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Business Operations 

  • Proposals and invoice management
  • Quality assurance: proofread, test links, test email sequences, etc.
  • Client care and experience oversight (onboarding and offboarding, welcome packages, touch-points, white-glove service, communication with customers, etc.)
  • Document management / information governance
  • Co-creation or strategies and priorities
  • Creation of questionnaires, presentations, worksheets, etc.
  • Workflow mapping, process creation and continuous improvement
  • Identify and strategize business development and growth opportunities


  • CRM (client relationship management) setup and maintenance (Dubsado, Daylite, etc.)
  • Project and task management tool setup (Asana and Trello)
  • Automation integrations with Zapier
  • Reporting, aggregating and presenting data
  • Systems automation

Project Management

  • Launches, coaching and education programs, and membership sites
  • Event/retreat/workshops logistics and planning
  • Initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, closeout various initiatives

Team Management

  • Onboarding and offboarding new team members
  • Oversight of team, team coordination, team communication, etc.
  • Collaborate and interface with 3rd party service providers (graphic designers, website designers, etc.)

Sales and Marketing

  • Email marketing (funnels/sequences)
  • Landing page creation

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What is an Integrator?
An Integrator is a remote member of your team that oversees and manages your business from operational activities to marketing support to project management support to streamlining and optimizing processes and workflows to document management. As well as team management and success, tracking and reporting metrics and stats, etc. An Integrator helps with the foundational pieces and structural pieces of your business, and puts together all the pieces of the puzzle from across your business. In a more traditional business model, an Integrator is similar to the COO (chief operating officer).
Basically, as an Integrator I develop, maintain and improve the back-end of your business, as well as managing your team and your projects, ensuring your business is in tip-top shape so you can focus on revenue generating activities, thriving in your zone-of-genius and more time in your personal life.

Curious if a task you want help with is something I can do? Just ask!

How do I know if I need support overseeing my business operations?
While it is usually really easy to identify when you need to bring on someone to help you out, I understand it can also be a little scary. 
You can tell you are ready to bring on additional support when you are working too many hours, dealing with stress/overwhelm/anxiety, spending too much time *in* your business and not enough working on your business (serving existing clients and attracting new clients), you don’t have the work-life balance you wanted as a business owner, you’re doing tasks that you aren’t passionate about, etc.
In a nutshell, you delegate to an Integrator and they will help you scale your business. You’ll have room to breathe and be able to guilt-free take space and time away form your business.

What differentiates an Integrator from other types of business support?
An Integrator does not just do the work, an Integrator is a strategic thinker that will consider all aspects of your business and sees the interconnectedness of it. I see the big picture and know how to assist you in breaking it down into actionable, achievable pieces. As a business owner you are a visionary, and an Integrator will help assist in the planning and execution of the strategy to achieve your goals. An Integrator is not just accountable for their own tasks, they are accountable for the successful completion of the team’s tasks. They will make suggestions to optimize and streamline the back-end of your business. An Integrator will also help with setting priorities and determining deliverables. They will also be one of your biggest cheerleaders.
An Integrator is deeply involved in the corners or your business and across your business. 

I’ve never had a remote member of my team before. How does this work?
Excellent question! The benefit of adding a remote member to your team is that you only pay for the work they do, whether that is paying for a project or paying for a number of hours per month for services to be provided. You don’t pay for office supplies, an office space, no health benefits, etc.
Communication in any relationship is key, and in our business relationship clear and timely communication is essential. Email works best, and for some clients we use an IM (instant messaging) app so we can send quick texts or even voice messages. I respond to all communication within 48 hours (usually sooner) Monday-Friday.

Boundaries are also key! I have an open-virtual-door policy and discussing personal work styles, expectations, etc. sets both you and I up for massive success!

We also use a variety of online tools to make working together easier. LastPass for confidentially sharing passwords, Zoom if we need to have a meeting, etc. It’s possible to run a functioning and high-performing team virtually!

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