I love tech that will create efficiencies, streamline processes, minimize the occurrence of errors, eliminate redundant admin tasks, AND reduce mental load (aka stress / anxiety / overwhelm). Technology used properly and strategically is an ASSET to your business and increases its worth / value! The below *TOOLS* list has been personally tested and vetted by me – these tools are used in my business and meet my high standards! *Note: I am proficient in many other tools, these are just my FAV

I also love business lingo and being a fan of efficiency I LOVE using acronyms. The below business *GLOSSARY* will help you get comfortable with “biz speak”!


Asana is a task management and project management tool. I am obsessed with project management (PM) and task management, and after researching and trying other popular tools this is my absolute FAV! And guess what?! I’m also an Asana Certified Pro!

Dubsado is a client relationship management tool (CRM). It manages and stores ALL of my client information (invoices, contracts, contact information, etc.) and is a powerful tool to automate any business with its automated workflows, canned emails with triggers of when to send them, etc. Dubsado allows you step away from your business and continue acquiring leads, getting paid, etc! Dubsado is used by coaches, photographers, landscapers, online service providers (like me!), etc. Don’t have a Dubsado account yet? Use my code apvirtualsolutions to get 20% off!

LastPass is a password manager that allows you to safely save your passwords – this is perfect for remembering your numerous passwords and sharing account access with your team members. You can even save credit card numbers!

Privnote allows you to share a note that will self-destruct after one view. This is perfect when the information you are sharing is not through LastPass.

Zoom is a video conferencing platform with free and paid options. I use it for my discovery calls, for meetings with my client’s (and their teams), and you can also use it for webinars!


CR – Conversion Rate: marketing and sales term that measures the number of potential clients to those that become clients

CRM – Client Relationship Management: a tool that tracks potential, existing and past client information, communication, invoices, etc.

CTA – Call to Action: directs a potential client to do something (like subscribe to an email list, signup for a course, etc.)

CX – Client Experience: sum of a client’s experience, positive or negative, with a business (e.g. ease of contacting you, onboarding, etc.)

DMS – Document Management System

EOD – End of Day

EOM – End of Message: if an email subject line states the entire communication, ending it with <EOM> indicates to the recipient(s) that they do not need to open the email to see the (blank) body of the email

KPI – Key Performance Indicator: a goal that is set and measured against to determine success

OBM – Online Business Manager

OOO – Out of Office

PM – Project Management: phases include Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor & Control, and Closeout

Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 – First Quarter, Second Quarter, etc.: a business’s year is split into four parts for tracking, goal setting, etc.

ROI – Return on Investment: measurement for profitability of an invesment

SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely: goal setting structure

SOP – Standard Operating Procedure

UX – User Experience: the experience a user has with technical products, websites, etc.

VA – Virtual Assistant

YTD – Year to Date: big picture reporting, goals, etc.