Hi!  I’m Amanda! Thank you for stopping by!

AP Virtual Solutions Inc. was created out of a passion and desire to translate my 13+ years corporate experience, plus my soft-skills and emotional intelligence (EQ), to support and empower entrepreneurs so their businesses can grow and thrive with ease!

Being an entrepreneur or small business at times can feel lonely, but I am here to provide support managing your day-to-day operations, execute and deliver a project, assist you with strategy and priorities, execute your vision and cheer you on!

I served as a Senior Business Analyst, a Project Manager, and Lead, Information Management, for a multi-billion dollar (yes, billion with a B!) corporation as a high-performer who crushed goals every time. Despite the accolades for those achievements, I realized the missing piece to my success and enjoyment was that I needed to infuse more fun into my work and a greater focus on supporting people.

The more I shed my hard shell of “emotions don’t belong in the workplace”, the more pleasure and success I had at work. 

After experiencing burnout and tiring of the downtown hustle, and developing dreams like “I want to walk my dog every day at lunch”, I decided my next decision in life had to be taking the scary and exciting leap into entrepreneurship. I left my job, then 2 weeks later I started this business, and a few weeks later I made it all legally legit by incorporating my business!

Now I support entrepreneurs by managing their remote teams, managing projects and tasks, creating strategies, determining priorities, setting up systems and processes on the back-end of their business, helping to mitigate risk, and develop a sustainable, adaptable business model. I deliver high-value and exceptional results to all of my clients. (for more info on what I do visit my Services page).

Member of: the PMI (Project Management Institute), AIIM (Association for Intelligent Information Management) and I’m an Asana Certified Pro

Featured on: The Support Squad Podcast and a Guest Expert for the Support Squad Membership Community


Lover of: travel. reading. cooking. baking. mountains. oceans. wine. tea. exclamation marks (!!!). being kind to animals. yoga. spin. family. friends.

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